Services and Pricing
Services and Pricing

**50% off your first experience with us!!

We have a tub and accomodations for pets up to 250lbs!!!

  • DOGS:
              Small (up to 10 lbs): $35.00* 
              Medium (11-25lbs): $50.00* 
              Large (26-50lbs): $65.00* 
              XLarge (50-100lbs): $80.00* 
              XXLarge (100lbs+): $95.00* 

-----These prices are based on LONG HAIRED dogs.----
----SHORT HAIRED dogs that do no require a shave or cut are $10.00 less than any service shown above----

  • CATS:
               Short Haired: $30.00*
               Long Haired: $45.00*

  • Small animals (nails clipped, dry shampoo) $15.00

*For Standard Pampering, which includes: Wash, Blow Dry, Nails Clipped, Ears Cleaned, Teeth brushed, Anal Glands expressed, Cut/Shave, and a bow to top it off!! 
All services can be catered to your individual requests for your furry friend, please ask and we shall accomdate to your satisfaction.

--We take our time on your beloved furry friend, however, if there are special circumstances that we must accomadate which entails a bit extra time, such as aggresive, medically fragile, or severly arthritic pets a $10 fee may be discussed upon evaluation.

Extras: Nails painted with Pet Safe polish, Wax treatment for paw pads (great for protection of hot summer pavemenet and cold bitter salty winters).  More services available if you do not see the one you desire.